One Whole Year Of Aoife Rae


Ermahgad. Our baby girl is One!
Look at that lickle purple face.
So a year has passed since I popped out Baby Aoife so I thought I’d write a blog post all about my experiences throughout my first year!
I had all fab ideas when Aoife was first born about how to document her first year and I totally bought those pretty little wooden Instagram plaques which say ‘One Month Old’ but I got to like 5 months and sacked it off.
Ain’t nobody got time for that.
7/8 weeks – Smiled
3 months 3 weeks – First solid food
4 months – Bottom 2 teeth popped out
4 months – Sitting up
6 months 2 weeks – Clapping
7 months – Crawling
7 months – Moved into own room
8 months 3 weeks – Walking
10 months – Pointing and waving ( really weird waving but I’ll count it).
Aoife hasn’t said any words consistently yet… Somedays it sounds like she’ll say bye, or hiiiiiya or mummy but she’s just a babbler.
A very LOUD one.
When did you establish a routine?
Eurgh, routines are NOT my forte, i’m such a see what happens type of gal. I was always out and about on my maternity so I didn’t want a set routine for naps and feeding because my days weren’t the same and I wanted Aoife to go with the flow, so day times were just whenever she fell asleep she fell asleep and whenever she needed feeding – I fed her! Around 3 months I thought I’d try a bedtime routine to see if she would sleep any better as she woke at least like 4/5 times a night, and VOILA it worked!!! FOR 2 WEEKS and then she started slowly waking back up in the nights to the point where she was waking a good 7 times. So at about 4 1/2 months old, I scrapped the routine because why was I stressing myself out when it was making NO difference to anything? At about 7 months we re-introduced it and since then she’s been a not too bad sleeper!
How did you wean her from Breastfeeding?
Lordy – Aoife had teeth when she was four months and started biting me aaaalll the time so it was a rapid wean LOL. I just subbed a feed for a bottle, so every other feed was formula. It was definitely harder emotionally than I thought… I was like MY BABY NEEDS ME when really she was totally fine and would take any brand of milk going. I stopped breastfeeding her completely in the day at like 5 months and my boobs were SOLID for maybe a day and then they totally sorted themselves out. I stopped night feeding completely at about 7 months!
What did you do on Maternity so you weren’t lonely?
I’m very lucky because my mum lives like a minute down the road in the same village, so I saw her everyday without fail. I signed up to a baby massage group and then through that I went to a sing and sign group and a baby yoga. I use Instagram a lot too, and I’m DEFINITELY a texter rather than a ringer so I enjoyed messaging people who were in the same boat!
When did you start weaning and what did you do?
I did write a blog post on this here . Weaning was definitely an experience… and you can do Baby-Led where you let them feed themselves essentially or spoon fed. YOU DAMN RIGHT I CHOSE SPOON FED. I am NOT clearing up mess every time I feed her. Aoife now eats pretty much any food we eat. She’s not a fussy eater at all, but something she might like one day, she might not the next. I do still give her the odd pouch or jar as they’re just easy! Her favourite food is Pesto Pasta without a doubt, pasta, cream cheese, pesto, broccoli & peas. ABSOLUTE winner.
Did you experience the 4 month sleep regression?
I definitely experienced a weird sleeping thaaaang, but whether or not it was a sleep regression I couldn’t say! Aoife started sleeping through at 3 months and then stopped two weeks later so I assumed it was that and everyone said don’t change what you’ve been doing but this ‘sleep regression’ continued for another 3 months so I just think it was her sleep pattern rather than a regression!
Were there any easy parts?
I’m not going to lie, I’ve found it relatively easy going. Aoife is a complete laid back babe but my attitude definitely helps. I don’t see the point in stressing out over things because it is what it is… if the baby is crying…they’re not going to cry forever. They haven’t napped yet…again, they’re not going to stay awake forever so you’ve just got to ride it out. I do believe it’s a state of mind completely! There’s not one part that stands out as being easy but each part is easier at that moment in time, so when I could just put her down and she’d stay where she was – was a fabulous time because I could go and get food. But now she’s walking I find it easier that I can say come on Aoife, let’s go to the kitchen and she’ll follow. Does that make sense? If push came to shove, I’d say the first 2 months were the easiest as she slept like 80% of the time!
What were the difficult parts?
I don’t think I’ve had any stand out difficult parts either. I suppose my hardest part was when Aoife was poorly because she just wanted cuddles or was upset so it’s just limiting in what you can do. As she’s gotten older, it’s harder to maintain the house as she will destroy it as quickly as you can tidy! When she started walking (in the first few weeks), I found myself really tired in the afternoons and needing a nap! But I think it was just the adjustment of picking her up and putting her back where I wanted her haha!
How fantastic and supportive has your husband been? 
Definitely Sean’s question. You have been a massive help. We are a very good team in the fact we pick up the slack for the other one e.g. one week Sean might do all the washing, tidying, cooking but then I’ll pick up where he left off for a week or two when he’s not so on the ball. We do work very well together!
How did you find the transition back to work?
I was looking forward to going back to work because (as I’ve said a million times) I really love my job. Not because I missed adult conversation as some people assume but because I’ve grown up in a working mum and dad household and for me that’s what I wanted. I want my own money to do what I want to do when I want to do it. I chose to go back full time for that reason. If I didn’t like my job, I think I would have dreaded it but I think if that was the case I’d have found another job as going back to work was a must for me.
Mum looks after Aoife two days a week, and she goes to nursery 3 times. If there was ever a baby made for nursery… it was Aoife. She is WILD. But that has obviously made my transition much easier because she absolutely loves all the ladies who work there, and is just so happy in the mornings when I drop her off. I have to be far more organised than I ever was though, and get up earlier so that I have time to do everything that will need doing in the morning to make sure I’m out on time. We leave the house at 7:45 and we get home at like 4:15 so we have lots of time together in the evening before she goes to bed at 7.
What have you bought for her birthday?
We haven’t gone mad in any way shape or form. We bought building blocks, a pop up tunnel tent set and a wooden xylophone banging block set!
Are there any lessons learned or things you’d do differently?
Hmm.. good question!
1. Personally, I would definitely exercise sooner after having Aoife. I ate SO much chocolate when I was breastfeeding that I put on a lot of weight, so next time i’ll counteract it by going on long walks with her!
2. I’d maybe save a little bit so I had more money for cake on Maternity as maternity pay is GARBAGE. Especially when you live a ‘money’s no object’ champagne lifestyle hahaha.
3. Aoife wise – I can’t think of anything!
What was your favourite stage?
Ahhhhh I think all the stages have been my favourite. Watching your baby develop and move through stages and hit milestones is just the best feeling! One thing I’ve found mesmerising is Aoife putting in her own dummy. Don’t ask me why, but every time she does it I’m like OH MY GOD YOU CLEVER SAUSAGE MY LITTLE BABY. I actually find it more impressive than her walking so early haha!
 To sum up… Motherhood is exactly how I dreamt it to be! Perfect!
I’ll love you and leave you.

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