My Birth Story

Holaaaa! I wrote this the night Samuel was born so if it doesn’t make sense… Sozza.

I woke up in the morning of the 21st, went downstairs and poured myself a large bowl of Coco rocks.. the ONLY way to start labour obvs (unless I don’t get a collaboration then go for Bitesize shredded wheat or Weetabix).
I’d say about 8/9 I started to feel twinges. Like my tummy was definitely tightening and felt a little bit like ‘oo that’s slightly uncomfortable’. Totally bearable though, like I went and played with Aoife upstairs and just carried on. Sean started tracking them around 11:30am maybe and they were like 2 minutes apart. My midwife told me if I felt any twinges to go straight to the hospital because second babies come notoriously faster. The app kept flashing go to hospital as well. But OBVIOUSLY I know better 😂 they didn’t feel really intense but I thought because they were quite close together I’d ring the delivery suite. She was lovely and asked me how were the pains, did they take my breath away etc and then we decided she’d put my name on the board and then I just come in whenever I felt like the intensity had increased. I wanted an epidural so I didn’t want to stay at home for too long but equally I knew there was no point going to hospital too early to be told I was only like 1cm.

Anyhoo, Sean and I dropped Aoife off with mum and then went back home for a bit. I had a TENS machine that was my grandma’s which was like at least twenty years old so I thought I’d give it a go. I didn’t have pains in my back but thought it would be a bit of a distraction… I love a bit of pain relief and even if this was just a placebo, it gave me something to focus on.
Around half 2 when I thought I’ll just go and get checked out because then I can see where we’re at. My contractions were more uncomfortable now, I could still dance with Sean in the car but I had to concentrate on breathing through them.
Got to our hospital and Sean could come with me to be assessed. I don’t know why all hospitals aren’t doing the same thing to be honest but luckily Sean could be with all the way through.
The midwife examined me at half 3 and said I was 3cm but my cervix was still quite thick. Because we live like 20/25 minutes from the hospital, she suggested we just stayed and walked around to see how I progressed. She did say we could walk around outside but ideally keep it within your bay. We just stayed in our little cubicle because CBA.

I bounced on the ball this time which wasn’t as horrific and useless as I remember it being with Aoife. I had the TENS machine on but the sticky pads started to fall off my back (Sean says it’s because it’s hairy and sweaty… I disagree. I wasn’t sweaty), so I called it a day on that!
At about 10 to 6, my contractions had really ramped up. Just like cramping and pressure all in my lower tummy. I felt like I needed a wee but I didn’t so I thought I’ll buzz the nurse. She came and was like I’m just doing the ward round, so can you wait half an hour….. I was like yeah I reckon so. Worst case scenario I’m just gonna buzz you again and be like nah soz sort me out. Lo and behold minutes later I buzzed her again and was like ‘i am SO sorry but I think I’ll need some pain relief now’ LOL. Anyway she assigned me to another midwife who came ten minutes later and took us through to our delivery suite at like 6ish.
By then it was PAAAAAAINFUL but there was gas and air so I was like yas plz gimmeh gimmeh. I don’t think the gas and air was as good as I remember but it was a bit of a distraction so I’ll take it. I asked to be examined again because the pressure was intense by this point. She was a little bit hesitant because it’s every 4 hours they’d check and she was like I don’t really want too and I was like ooo this is awkward because I really want you too…. 😑 I told her I wanted an epidural as soon as we got in the room and I didn’t want her to leave it to late. I was VERY polite and said if it progresses crazy quickly and I don’t get one, then so be it, it is what it is but if you could start getting that in motion that would be ideal plz.
To be fair to her, she did. She was like I’ve got to get the cannula in first so tried to do that (twice and failed) so she called a doctor to try. The doctor got it in, hallelujah 🙌🏽 but also suggested I was examined first before the epidural just in case.
SO she examined me around quarter past 6 and said I was 5/6cm. I was like YA WHAT?! The pain was a lot and the pressure and I thought I’d have been at least 8cm. I was squirming all over the bed at this point, poor Sean was having to sort me out but I’m like a strong woman possessed so there’s no hope. The anaesthetist came shortly after and got me all set up, sat on the edge of the bed ready to put my epidural in.
Now this is where I make a confession. I could feel a liiiittttlle bit like I needed to push but you know people put the fear of God in you and are like ‘omg the ring of fire when the baby’s head is crowning’ so I was just thinking ‘get this epidural in so I don’t feel that’ because the relief when I had one with Aoife was instant. Anyway, I was having an almighty contraction literally 125 on the Richter scale and must’ve knocked him because he didn’t get it in and then I cried a little. But a really slow whine but also apologising to him for being an absolute wetwipe 😂. It was because I knew the baby was coming and I wasn’t going to have one 🙈 He did even say to the midwife ‘she sounds as though she’s going to deliver…she’s not going to deliver is she’ and she was like ‘noz she’d tell me if she was!’ 👀👀👀👀 heh heh heh. Anyway the anaesthetist was like I’ll try again, so as he went to put it in, my right leg was spasming because he’d obviously touched something in my spine that affected my right leg but IT DIDN’T MATTER because with that contraction, my body just pushed the baby out haaaahahah. Didn’t even get an epidural. There was actually no stopping it and the force of Samuel coming out pushed me back and the anaesthetist caught me bless him and then I did one teeny push like what you do when you cough and wee comes out 👀 and voilà. I had a baby at 7:15pm. An hour after she said I was 5/6cm.

It didn’t actually hurt as much I as thought it would without an epidural (when the baby came out) it was just the last contractions that were a killer! Even though I didn’t manage to have my epidural this time, I’d still get one next time … Just earlier!

They just put him straight on me and then I heard someone say aw congratulations what did you have? Sean and I were like literally no idea, no one’s told us haha 🙈 but it was a boyyyyyy.
Sean said it was a little bit frightening because the baby just came out very fast and had his cord looped round his neck bless him. ALSO baby Samuel had pooed on his way out but the midwives weren’t worried because it was thin meconium or something 🤷🏽‍♀️
I had the injection to help my placenta along and that’s another thing… I remember with my first pregnancy reading up and people telling stories that giving birth to the placenta is like having another baby. It effing isn’t. It wasn’t with Aoife and it wasn’t this time. She gently pulled on it and it came out hurrah. Then she checked for tears… I DIDN’T TEAR. UNBELIEVABLE. Samuel came out pretty much in one go so that was a result. I tore with Aoife and needed 6 stitches so was fully prepared but nada! Samuel took slightly longer to latch than Aoife did, but within an hour he was feeding wahoo. I felt the after contractions this time when breast feeding and they’re just uncomfortable but not unbearable. My nipples however… are on frigging FIRE again. But I’m lanisohing them up don’t you worry!

Anyway, I feel very lucky to have another positive birth story, I’m always prepared for the worst but hope for the best.

Lots of love,

Francesca & Baby Samuel ahhhh 💙

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  1. Love love LOVE!crying, lolling and also just over the moon and shiz for you. I do love a positive birth story, but also that dose of realism that you do so well. Congrats again gorge xx

  2. Love this so much! I read it all in your voice 😂😂 so fun. Thanks so much for sharing and huge HUGE congratulations to you alllll!!!! S exciting and he is just wonderful. Enjoyyy you superwoman! Xx

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