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What to get children for Christmas? I genuinely had no idea what children or parents needed before I had Aoife & Samuel… and now look at meh – writing a gift guide. I’ve put together some ideas based on what I’ve found useful to have, what the children need and what Aoife has particularly enjoyed playing with over the last year or so! I’ve tried linking the best deals I could find for each! [Some links are affiliate links]


Left to right, top to bottom.

  1. Pets Alive Twerking Llama – Now I remember giggling at this on telly thinking ‘Oh my god, who makes these things?! AND even moreso… who is buying these things?’ TURNS OUT, Sean’s auntie bought it for Aoife’s 2nd birthday…. and she ruddy loves it! We’ve got the multi-coloured one. You push a button on the side and it plays a short song and twerks and rolls its head. I actually love it and Aoife has played with it most days since getting it!
  2. Boon Bath Pipes – I think these are the bomb diggity. Bought these in second lockdown because Aoife had gotten bored with her bath toys and she really enjoys pouring the water into each pipe. You do have to use the white pipe as a pourer if you don’t have another toy to use. Aoife tends to pour water over the edge of the bath though so it can get a liiiittle wet but as it’s a gift – it’s not your problem waheeeey.
  3. Green Toys Trucks – These are brilliant eco designed toys that come in a range of colours and are perfect for boys and girls! They’re medium sized and solid. E.g. Aoife can fit her twerking llama in the back of her dump truck. You can get recycling trucks, diggers, fire engines etc so it’s a nice collection to build.
  4. Magic Water Books – If you’re not one for mess OR you know the child is an absolute psycho when it comes to real ink pens these are the books for you. They have a pad and a little water refillable pen which children can colour in various drawings. I’ve linked the ‘Who’s hiding?’ pack, but you can get packs from farm animals to vehicles so plenty to choose from. The paper dries and you can start colouring all over again. I use these for car journeys and it has kept Aoife well entertained throughout!
  5. Playdough Starter Pack – I bought Aoife this in the first lockdown as her first playdough and it was ideal. It has cutters, rollers and moulds with 4 tubs of playdough. Don’t think this would particularly entertain older children but Aoife was 18 months and she started to take an interest in it and shes 2 now and asks to get it out. There are plenty of different playdough sets though, as I was linking this I found a dino one which I’m tempted to buy now!
  6. Mega Blocks – Sean bought Aoife these and they are UP there with her favourite go to toys. They’re just lego/duplo and they come in different colours so suitable for both genders! You get enough blocks to build a few things… Sean builds castles… I build walls.
  7. Cardboard Magic – WOW. SO, these are different colour in objects made from cardboard. You can get helicopters, grottos, ice cream vans, ships and so many more. Aoife reeeeaaallly enjoyed her rocket from Cardboard Magic. It wasn’t too difficult to set up, I could do it on my own but i’d definitely rather had someone else with me (again, as it’s a present…not your problem LOL) and its really sturdy. Big enough to wow but doesn’t take up a huge amount of space!
  8. Rocking Mammoth – My best friends from Uni bought me this at my baby shower and IT IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE PRESENTS EVER. Aoife enjoyed sitting on this since she could sit up really (Supported obvs) and even now at 2 years old she still rides it! I would say don’t buy it for children older than 2 and half because Aoife is just becoming too big for it really! Such a gorgeous piece for a nursery though as well!
  9. Car Garage – Now you can get cheaper plastic garages, but i’m terrible for bright garish colours so prefer wooden ones that look slightly more traditional! I’ve linked the Clas Ohlson one as this is the one mum has bought Aoife for Christmas. It had really good reviews and has a working lift wooooooo. Another company called Little Dutch also do a car garage which was my first choice but that seems to be sold out everywhere!
  10. Wooden Activity Bench – This has been a firm favourite of Aoife’s since she was just over 1. She absolutely loves the wooden balls and they really helped her to learn her colours funny enough. Sure she launches them across the room but hey, she’s having fun.
  11. Kiko & GG telephone – Okay this phone is ridiculous money at £46 ( I klarnered it obvs) but it is BEAUTIFUL. It comes with a little purse with wooden coins in that you can put into the phone and push to get out. I would 100% buy it again.
  12. Peppa Pig Skates – This is my wild card. I reckon Aoife would love these BUT I don’t think she’d get how to use them yet hahaha. A LOT of support would be needed but I think they’d be pure lolz.


  1. This set of books, above, are the cutest set of books! Definitely a mummy and daddy favourite. My best friend bought us two of them and then I’ve bought the rest since! The rhymes are so good and Aoife has picked up the words so well!

2. Truth be told I haven’t bought this deal, but I’ve seen so many Instagram accounts recommend it. 10 books for £10. They have a lot of other book bundles following different themes from friends and family to seasides.

3. Omg LOVE these lift the flap books! Our neighbour bought two for Aoife and I’ve bought another two for Christmas. They are gorgeous books, again with rhyme and lift the flap parts which Aoife loves lifting!

4. Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see? This book was SUCH a good find. Aoife learnt her colours through this book and then was able to start putting 2/3 word sentences together. I love how colourful it is and would definitely recommend it.

5. These Rod Campbell books are fab! They have word repetition so that children can pick up familiar words as well as cute pictures to follow!


  1. Nike Low Borough Court Baby/Toddler Trainers – If you know me, you know I swear by these trainers. Aoife has had a pair in nearly every size and they are super durable but aren’t ridiculously expensive. A lovely little gift for a child that their parents will definitely appreciate. It comes in black, white and then occasionally white with red/turquoise ticks.
  2. 2 Piece Fleece Set – I was bought this by a friend for Aoife’s baby shower and it is gorgeous. Reaaaaallly fleecey and cosy and for only £9.99! It comes in a navy stripe too.
  3. Cotton Velvet Dress – This is a very pretty deep green velvet dress which is a cute little occasion outfit!

4. Dash Print Sweatshirt / Dash Print Joggers / Dash Print Dress – OBVIOUSLY these had to make an appearance. A gorgeous well made set from M&S which any parent would be happy to receive for their child i’m sure!

5. Knitted Bear Jumper Knitted Hedgehog Jumper – HOW CUTE. Totally making Aoife and Samuel wear these.

6. Knitted Green Co-ord / Pink Heart Co-ord / Grey Marl Knitted Co-ord

7. Rubberised jacket / Herringbone Coat / Pink Duffle

Last but not least…

Haywood Engraving – Oh I love this shop! They make such a range of gifts from gin boards to family signs, from welcome to the world plaques to Christmas eve boxes and home decor! There are gifts for everyone and if you have an idea, i’m pretty sure they can make it happen!

Hope that gave you some ideas at least! Countdown to Christmas is on…WAHOO!


Francesca x

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