BuggyBaby Bumbo Review*

At the beginning of October I was sent two Bumbo products to review by Buggybaby. If you haven’t heard of Bumbo, they have been making high quality infant and toddler products for over 10 years. I chose the changing pad in Hemlock green and the toilet trainer in pink.

We needed a changing mat for downstairs, as the amount of nappy changing that took place on our new sofa was RISKAAAY. We always had a cheaper mat with Aoife which did the job aka wipeable and somewhere to lay her but this changing pad is definitely a step up. It’s definitely a more expensive option but it offers slightly more.

  • It is made from Polyurethane (totally looked that up) but in laymen’s terms it feels like a soft silicone sponge. Far more comfortable for baby to lay on and it has a little moulded section for the head.
  • The edges are curved upwards giving that reassurance that they can’t roll as easily off the side.
  • It also has a little strap across to hold baby in place! This would have been perfect for Aoife when she was a few months old, the little wriggle bottom!
  • Lastly, it’s obviously really easy to clean! Wipe down and go!

The toilet trainer is exactly what I needed! I’m looking to start toilet training Aoife, so I have started the basics. We did have a potty but Aoife really didn’t take to it and used it to store sticks and mud… so I swiftly gave up on that. Mum had been really good taking her to the toilet at her house and Aoife took to the toilet far better !

This little seat sits on top of the toilet seat just inside the hole. Again, it is the same material as the changing pad so really comfortable on her bottom and easily cleaned (thank jaysus)! This is a good option if you have the space to keep it on a toilet otherwise Buggybaby also sell the Step’n’Potty which is a potty that transitions to a toilet trainer as well as a step all in one! Much better if you want a storable option!

I’m fully tackling toilet training over the next few weeks hashtag pray for me and I’ll will be documenting it through Instagram and a blog post so keep your eyes peeled!

*Items sent for review

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