Deciding on ornaments..

I have a shop’s worth of ornaments. I just pick them up and take them home. Depending on my mood, or decor at the time, I look for what will work and because I switch up my house so often, I change them more times that I change my hairstyle!

These concrete apple and pears were only £6 from Dunelm. I had put some dead ringers in my basket on Cox and Cox for £12 and I thought that was a good deal at the time. I have moved them three times since buying them as I still can’t work out whereabouts I want them. All I know is that they work against the crisp white walls.

My next spontaneous purchase were these artichokes from Neptune Home.

I have an awkward shelf above the stairs, that did use to house three glass vases however these fit so much better and blend into the space but add texture. I boxed them up twice to send them back though, but decided I loved them last minute!

My final purchase I wanted to share with you are my pineapples. Now, I know I know, pineapples are just the in thing at the minute. In about a year, I will want to get rid of them, but that’s the fun of interiors. Chopping and changing. My first larger pineapple was £7.99 from Homesense but wait for it….my second smaller pineapple was £1 from Poundland. Normally I get all my crisps and chocolate from Poundland, so when I saw the white ceramic pineapples, I had to have them.

Are you an ornament fiend? What’s your one item you cannot resist?


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