Hallway update

I hate the word ‘live-able.’ It’s not a word in my vocabulary. I immediately wanted to re-do everything in the house when we first bought it. I’m not shy of hard work and will decorate anything myself if I want it badly enough.

Sean talked me down and we budgeted what we wanted doing the most and unfortunately the hallway was live-able.. So we stuck with the colour. An off yellow.. whilst it was Farrow and Ball, it just wasn’t the look I wanted long term.

I was reading House Beautiful and saw lots of bright white decor. I wanted a blank canvas to play with and white would give me it. Now you don’t realise HOW much woodwork there is to be painted until you start looking. We needed 8 doors painted, all the panelling, the walls and the stair case. Now like I said, I would get my hands dirty and paint myself but my mum said she would pay for this as a wedding gift! How lucky! I put an advert on RatedPeople.com and within an hour, I had a gentleman come and quote. £325 to supply the paint and complete it within 3 days. I was SOLD.

They came and started the next day!

Already I could see how much lighter it was. That is one thing I absolutely adore about my house. The amount of natural light. It took them a day and half longer than quoted, which I was fine with because even I thought that was very ambitious. But the final day came….


The transformation was beautiful even if I do say so myself! The chandelier, from BHS, that mum also bought me, really gave a focal point and enhanced the light within the hallway. I have sinced moved the photos to the other wall and added a circular gold mirror above the radiator!



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