A cosy corner

Since joining the Interior Insta Community, you would not believe the stunning cosy corners I spot on a day to day. From dressing rooms to bathrooms, some people have just got style. I really enjoy looking at houses that don’t look the same as everyone else’s. Yes grey and nudes are gorgeous, but I like to see how people have created their own spaces that are styled to show off their creativity.

I’m going to share my FAVOURITE insta accounts for cosy corners!

First of all

@chalkinteriorsbyclaire – A beautiful rustic account! How she doesn’t have 100k followers is beyond me?! Her interior styling is literally to be desired.

@thehomethatmademe – Charlotte (I talk about her like we’re besties and I’ve known her for years). I started my instagram after following her on my personal account for years. I took her advice from cleaning as you go, to her interior tips. She is SUCH  good role model.

@debbies_house – Oh.my.lord, this is a new account that popped up on my feed and I immediately followed her. A lovely lady with a home she has poured her heart into and it shows through every single picture she puts up.

@behind_door_no2 – I have a regular stalk of her page. Everything is just so well put together in her house. Major house crush.

@caffeineandcacti – Always keeps me on my toes. I genuinely look forward to seeing what she posts. She has such #BOSSstyle. Guuuurrlll you good.

@cotswald_cottage – HER KITCHEN. HER HOUSE.

@natalie_myhome – When someone just gets you. Witty lady with great style!

@sophiecsophiedo – This girl makes me giggle and drool over her house interior. Major love heart eyed emoji.

@littlerosecottage – Simple but elegant.


Who are your favourite Instas? x



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