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It’s nearly Christmas! If you’re not in the interior insta know… There’s been a lot of hoo ha over timings of people’s decorations. Some people put them up at the beginning of November… I mean I shared a mini gasp but to be honest, I’m not bothered! Christmas gives people something to look forward to, get excited about and share.

After seeing insta draped in baubles and dripping in tinsel I could NOT hold off any longer, and so I did it. I started the beginnings of Christmas at 1 Lavender Cottage.

Last year, I wanted to have the most Christmassy Christmas ever as the year before we were moving so couldn’t fully decorate the house… So I bought a massive haul of goodies to kick start the festivities! This garland is from our local garden centre Beckworth Emporium. I think it cost me £20 but is one of the best purchases ever! It’s the perfect length to have across the mantle piece. I’ve added these metallic red reindeer from Homesense to the ends to finish the fireplace off nicely. Because I have such a dark colour in my sitting room, I need a pop of colour to complement it without being garish.

My next decoration to slide in is this candle holder! My best friend gave to me as a wedding gift and I absolutely love it. I did have cream candles in it, but actually it made it look really flat. I found these glittery candles that my mum gave me, which she tweaked by adding bits of napkin holders!

You may have seen on my stories that Sean is very much against this decoration being placed here, but if I don’t mention it again I feel like he’ll forget about it…hopefully. This was a bargain, like one of those where they have 20% off and then they have an extra 10% off AND you have a voucher bargain. It ended up being like £10 from BHS!

Lastly is this wreath, it’s a John Lewis special. As soon as I saw it, I had to have it. I think it was £20. It’s only about 30cmx30cm but is a great little addition to a room. I’ve put it in my kitchen for now!

I can’t recommend just one place to buy decor, as these days most shops have such a range that if anything we have too much choice! Homesense is always a must for me because you can always find something that bit more special.

These are just a selection of the goodies I have started to put out and I will do a full Christmas blog post nearer the time… But for now, Sean and I are on our 7th episode of Stranger Things so needs must and all that.

That reminds me… Where did I put my Christmas door mat?





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