Settling in for winter

So we had the first bit of frost of the ground yesterday.. winter is coming. We put the other half of the duvet back on the bed and the heating has been put on full whack!

Our bedroom is completely white. We don’t have anything on the walls apart from a tall white leaning mirror from Homesense and we have an armchair in the corner, purely to hang clothes on. I’m not necessarily a champion of minimalism, but within a bedroom, I think it should be as uncluttered as possible so your mind can unwind properly for the night. Sean likes to listen to films to fall asleep but I need absolute silence so we take turns, one on one off.

Our lights are from BHS (before they went into liquidation…but are now back hurrah!). They create such an ambient light and are perfect for the dimming light going into winter.

I bring muted colours into the bedroom through the bedding. My favourite is a Ted Baker set, which is a deep burgundy printed pattern and is set off so well with the white decor. I recently bought some bedding from Debenhams, a dusky pink with tiny white tassell pom poms for decoration, it was only £33.66 for a Kingsize set! Bargain!

How do you all bring colour into your bedrooms? x

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