I’m having a baby!

Well… if the title didn’t give it away.. I’m totally pregnant!

I cannot tell you how excited, anxious but happy I am! I’ve been reading lots of insta blogs about weekly updates on pregnancy, and hats off to them, because I have not found the time at all, however I’m going to post everything from the start of my journey.

So my last period was 12th January. Sean was clearing out the cupboards downstairs because I’m one of those people that if I cant see it, it’s not messy. ish. He found my depleted stash of pregnancy tests and I had one left, so I said might as well keep it.

On the 6th February, I was genuinely bored sorting through all this junk and I was at the end of the dreaded two week wait (anyone who is trying for a baby knows the dreaded 2 week wait). I found this cheap pregnancy test from Co-op Sean had moved. I thought I might as well wee on it and then throw it away so it’s not clogging up my ever organised (never been) toiletry cupboard.

So I did.

Well I left it on the side, went and finished some other sorting jobs  and then again, if you’re trying for a baby you know the ‘oo maybe there’s a slight chance’. So I went back to check and OH MY GOOD GOD there was the faintest line ever. Now I thought these were a cheap Co-op crap brand, which I’ve taken several times and it’s shown nothing, but I had never got a faint line EVER.

 Can you see it?

For those who aren’t familiar with pregnancy tests, the line on the right is the ‘control line’ and, if you’re trying, you want to see a line on the left!

Sean works away some weeks, and this particular week he was away in Scotland. Now I didn’t want to get my hopes up so I thought I’ll buy some more tests tomorrow and check my temperature. (I had been taking my temperature as a way of monitoring my fertility, after you’ve released an egg, your core temperature spikes and if it stays elevated for longer than 18 days you can guess you are pregnant, if it dips around your period, you know AF (aunt flo) is on her way… I literally am an expert in all fertility/ovulation chat, I read everything I possibly could!)

Even though we were trying for a baby, buying pregnancy tests still made me cringe. I wanted to be like HEY GUYS I WANTED THIS, but instead I just kept my head down, piled loads of stuff on top of them in my basket and ran through the checkout.

I tested the next morning, I could barely sleep because the excitement of possibly being preggo was TOO MUCH.


My temperature had increased further to 36.8 and there was a line on a clear blue test!


So it was true. But felt so surreal. I was like ermahgad what now?! I expected a full on bump to appear overnight, go for an ultrasound and see a baby ASAP Rocky. But no. I didn’t feel any different. Sean wasn’t back till Friday and I’d pinterested the shit out of ways to announce to husbands so I thought save the phone call, tell him when he’s back!

Jaysus, that was a long week. He got back late on the Friday night and I set up a video to watch his reaction, with my announcement on the table in the kitchen. I was very apprehensive but excited obviously. He walked through the house (tanting about me leaving lights on, heating on, doors open) and then finally got to the kitchen….

I mean he totally saw the doughnuts before he saw the pregnancy test but who can blame him? LOVE a Krispy Kreme.

We ran round to my mums to tell her and my littlest sister and then we rang Sean’s mum and sister. I tried ringing my other two sisters and my brother and for crying out loud could we get hold of them?!

My older sister has in fact informed me that I COULD get hold of her and she picked up first for the record. Eventually my brother and other sister rang me back!


Well, I still couldn’t believe it. For the next few weeks, I kept taking pregnancy tests to check it was still in there… anyone else do that?  Mum rang the doctors for me (because I’m an absolute child and she still does this for me) and booked me in for my booking appointment. They said a midwife would call me back when I was between 8-10 weeks pregnant. Whether I could wait that long was a different story.

Well… 8 weeks came and went and I got the letter through for our booking appointment! Eeek! Sean came with me which was really nice and started to feel more real. It wasn’t too long, but they ask you a zillion questions, one being ‘Is this the father?’ Sean was like I bloody hope so.

So do I.

I’m kidding… he totally is.

Anyway, we were flying out to New York before our 12 week scan appointment and I needed piece of mind that there was actually a baby in there because I had absolutely ZERO symptoms. No sickness, No tiredness, No nothing. I decided to look for private ultrasound clinics near me, which is where I found Baby Bond at Mothercare in Northampton. It was $89 (can’t get my pound sign to work so it’ll have to be dollars for now). I didn’t care, I just wanted to know if I was imagining it or not! At the 12 week scan you’re only allowed one person, and for this scan, I could bring up to four. No brainer – Sean and my mum were coming!

Yaaaaaaaay! Baby Burke was in there! An absolute bean with stumps for legs but there was a little baby in there!

I was 10 weeks here! I would totally recommend getting a private scan but more so at Baby Bond. The woman was SO lovely. She made sure we understood what she was looking for ‘a viable baby, a heartbeat, in the right place’ which was scary but realistic. I did research ultrasounds at 10 weeks though, because I thought well if i’m not actually going to be able to see a baby then whats the point, for me – I didn’t want to see just the sac, I wanted to see the heartbeat and everything!

Off we went to New York, where the WORST SYMPTOM I COULD HAVE KICKED IN. I went off food. I can’t even bring myself to think of how much food I missed out on… I was so full so quickly and wasn’t that interested in eating. We had such a good week and knowing we were coming back the day before our 12 week scan was even better!

The day after we returned at 9:30am, we had our 12 week scan! I drank 2 litres like requested, and ERMAHGAD did I need a wee!! Because it’s the NHS they weren’t as prompt as private and I hadn’t even thought about how long i’d be able to hold my bladder for. The sonographer called us in and said my bladder was too full anyway so I had to go and empty it! I don’t think she realised I had been drinking shower water to make my 2 litre quota? God dammit Bernice.

As you can see, Baby Burke did NOT want to play ball. It was dancing on it’s head, so I had to go for a walk up and down the corridor. Did that work? No it didn’t. So I was told to go on a forty minute walk. Did that work? No it bloody didn’t. I wanted a picture perfect 12 week announcement photo of the baby on it’s back but I got it legs and arms splayed haha! We did want to do the Downs Syndrome testing and Edwards Patau but Baby wasn’t in the correct position so I was offered the quad test (a blood test at 15 weeks) to test for Downs Syndrome. It came back low risk – 1:94000.

Symptom update: Still no symptoms really, and I didn’t have a bump. I was very uninterested and unmotivated to do ANYTHING, hence my silence on Instagram for a good month or two. I didn’t have any morning sickness! I did have to eat little and often otherwise I would just feel weird. I did also have some pelvic pain on occasion.

We announced publicly at 12 weeks which was nerve wracking but nice to be able to tell everyone the news. Total oversight, we put in two pictures of the one baby, so everyone was like OH MY GOD IT’S TWINS. No guys… Mum & Dad are idiots. Sozzaaa.

I didn’t want to start buying anything because you just never know do you? I wanted to get to the next scan (anomaly) so I knew baby’s organs and everything were okay. There are so many little but significant milestones with pregnancy. Thank god they measure you in weeks because I couldn’t hold off doing it in months.

I had apps on my phone that I was using for ovulation tracking and some automatically turn into pregnancy tracking when you get a positive test. I had Flo, Fertility Friend, Glow Nurture & the midwife recommended app of Bounty. These were fab because they would tell you what to expect, how big baby is, foot size, baby development, body changes etc. I check them all religiously!

Time flies, because it was my 20 week scan before I knew it, which funnily enough fell on Sean’s birthday! We had already spoken that we didn’t want to find out Baby’s sex as I frigging LOVE surprises. We did have a little wobble when we were there, thinking should we shouldn’t we, but then Sean rightly said that the next day the hype would be over and we would know which felt a bit like ‘oh yeah’. So we stuck to our guns and didn’t find out.

This time I wanted to make sure baby was awake and active so the sonographer could do all the checks they needed to and maybe get a good photo in the process. I drank orange juice AND ate sherbet flying saucers hahah and the baby was super active!

Everything, touch wood, was good! Baby was developing well and so much more defined from the 12 week scan! At one point the sonographer showed us the profile of the baby’s nose and mouth and it was THE CUTEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN.

I honestly felt so lucky as I know it isn’t always good news for everyone.

Sean altered our wedding countdown sign to a baby countdown sign…although I am rubbish at updating it!

Well I’m nearly at the end of my update! I’m 25 weeks tomorrow, which means I have…let me check…106 days left until Baby Burke is here!

Symptom update: I don’t really have a bump, people say it’s because I’m tall so there’s space for my organs to move up before I start protruding outwards. In a way, I would like a little bump just so I can be like ‘I’m preggo!’ My bump does get bigger when I eat though, my god! Baby has been prodding and kicking since about 18 weeks which is my favourite thing in the world. At first, you have a lot of gas, but then it feels like gas bubbles popping and gradually someone just poking you from the inside. I was talking to my friend and saying how do you not get obsessed with the kicking?! I roll around like a mad woman trying to get baby to move. I’m currently suffering with SPD (Symphsis Pubic Dysfunction) which is extremely painful. I’ve been off work since Monday afternoon as I couldn’t walk without crying hahah, the children were like what is wrong with you Mrs Burke, I was like my hips really hurt. They were all really sweet though! Been to the doctors who are referring me to physio for it so I prefer that than taking any medication. I’m sure this pain will be nothing to labour!

Work wise – I’ve optimistically put my last day in as the 12th October, due date is the 18th, as I would rather work as close up to as possible this side and have longer paid on the other side! I’m going back after Summer holidays, but not having a class (boo) and then I’m thinking of having 10 months off. I’d love to go part time but realistically I think I’ll go back full time.

I have now bought a few bits and pieces, like the cot, changing mat, bottles etc but still holding off clothes and things. I think we’re going to have a 3D scan at about 30 weeks just because I’m curious to see what our little baba looks like!

Well that’s about it really! If you’ve managed to read to the end.. Kudos. If you have any questions, just message me!

Lots of love x



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