Feeling blue… in a good way!

Okay SO… one night I was reading House Beautiful ( Sean… if you’re reading, a subscription to this magazine would be fab) and saw a house in Brighton who had all white decor and then a navy blue carpet running up the stairs. Immediately I thought, that’s how we update the staircase and give our entrance hall the WOW factor.

This is what our hallway looked like before…

Now we don’t have a hallway. You open the door and the staircase is right in front of you. Turn right and you’re in the kitchen, turn left and you’re in the sitting room. I felt the entrance part was so..’nothingy’ and wanted something to draw people’s eye (more info and pictures on the hallway update page). Anyway, I traipsed round all the classic carpet places and was about to give up when mum said why don’t we go venture into Tapi carpets in Northampton. I thought well we’ve tried everywhere else, let’s try one more then leave. WELL. The service I received was absolutely flawless. From the customer service in the shop, to measuring up, to the date they could fit me in. Absolutely. Fabulous.

And this is after…

I mean in 5 years time, I’m sure I’ll be asking the question ‘Who puts a navy carpet in a house?!’ but trends change, this suits the here and now. Yes we all strive for timeless decor, but that isn’t 100% realistic. Tastes and trends change, what’s available limits you. My advice – Do you. You got this.


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